Hayes Arts and Education Services LLC provides support services for Research, Instruction, Consultation and Adjudication for the Arts and Education Communities.

Research – Provide instruction and source materials for topics including:

  • Europe Between the Wars
  • Weimar Germany (historical)
  • Weimar Germany (artistic and musical)
  • Rise of the National Socialists
  • The Third Reich
  • The Holocaust
  • Fin-de-siècle Vienna (all aspects)
  • Viennese Cabaret
  • Viennese Operetta
  • The Anschluß
  • LGBTQI+ Austria (historic and current)
  • Exilkabaret in New York City – 1938-1950

Instruction – Provide educational services in the following areas:

  • All aspects of my primary research areas (listed above)
  • Musical instruction, including private instrument/voice lessons, theory, history and pedagogy
  • Musical arranging, both choral and instrumental


  • Selection and focusing of research topics
  • Construction of academic research papers
  • Development of Fulbright Applications
  • Selection of Primary Source Materials for academic studies
  • Tutoring
  • Choral and Instrumental Ensemble performance practices


  • Marching Band Music and Ensemble Judging
  • Marching Band workshopping
  • Concert Band workshopping
  • Concert Choir Judging and workshopping
  • Vocal Jazz Judging and workshopping
  • Research competitions